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Will Writer in Castle Bromwich

It’s never too early to make a Will but often too late!

Eleanor Betts, Director, of Think Wills & Probate has over 20 years’ experience in financial and legal services and is a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers, and has many satisfied clients in Castle Bromwich. Services include Will Writing, Lasting Power of Attorneys, Care Fee Protection and Probate.

Making a Will can seem a daunting and emotional experience which people often put off but if you die without making a Will, this could reduce your family’s inheritance causing serious problems and expense. We at Think Wills & Probate Limited will remove all your concerns. We will often visit our clients at home and put them at ease by providing clear, simple and compassionate advice.

If you die without making a Will, the cost of distributing your assets is likely to be higher than if you had. Furthermore, not only would it be upsetting for your family, but also time consuming. Making your own will is possible, but is fraught with dangers and pitfalls; just one incorrect legal term could mean the assets you leave behind might not reach the person you intended them for.

We will write your will to your instructions and take care of all of the paperwork for you, making certain your Will contains all your wishes and is legally binding. The best you can do is to come to the professionals. We have written many Wills for clients in Castle Bromwich.

Lasting Power of Attorney Castle Bromwich

Without a lasting Power of attorney your family will not automatically have the legal authority to deal with your financial affairs. If no Lasting Power of Attorney is in place, your family must apply to the Court of Protection for a ‘deputy’ to be appointed to manage your affairs. This is an extremely costly and lengthy process taking many months.

We have arranged a large number of Powers of Attorney for our clients in Castle Bromwich, a Power of Attorney will allow your family to deal with your financial affairs should you become mentally or physically incapacitated.

Care Fees in Castle Bromwich

Want to Avoid Care Home Fees?

Each year, many thousands of people are forced to sell their home to pay for residential care because they are no longer able to manage living by themselves. If you need care, and have assets (including the value of your property) of over £14,250, then you are required to meet the costs.

However there is a solution, we legally arrange many care home fee protections in Castle Bromwich so that if you require care in the future, your assets are protected and your loved ones will receive the assets and not the local authority. You will still have control over your assets to use how you wish.

Probate Castle Bromwich

Probate and Estate Administration

If someone dies without making a Will, they are said to have died 'intestate'. If this happens, the law sets out who should deal with the deceased's affairs and who should inherit their estate (property, personal possessions and money).

There are a number of legal formalities that have to be dealt with. This can be extremely distressing and many people do not know where to turn to for help. We have many years’ experience of offering personal and practical help and advice in Castle Bromwich to get you through this whether you need full administration or just guidance.