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Care and Care Fees

People often think they can simply sign their property over to their children, and give their other assets away in order to avoid care costs. This is not the case, as the local authority will treat this as deliberate deprivation.

Giving away property and other assets will leave you extremely vulnerable to the changing financial fortunes of your family members - a bankruptcy, divorce, or premature death, could mean your house has to be sold, leaving you homeless. You are also giving your family a potentially sizeable Capital Gains Tax problem, and any gift also has Inheritance Tax implications. It is vital you seek independent professional advice before taking decisions about giving away assets.

Think Wills & Probate Ltd are pleased to work closely with Senior Care Support who offer a bespoke service to assist families in their search for appropriate care solutions. Here is a link to their website;

For further information or to arrange an appointment, call Eleanor Betts on 0121 663 0975 or 07717 862705.

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